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We urge you to watch these videos from people whose lives have been changed with the help of Antoinette’s acne treatments that work. Have you tried everything, and nothing has resolved your acne problem? Listen to some of Antoinette’s patients and hear what they have to say. There is nothing more compelling than hearing from actual patients. Watch what her patients are saying about the results of the effective acne treatments at Antoinette’s acne and skin care center in these touching patient interviews.

Watch a video interview with 13-year-old Tamia and her mother. Tamia started breaking out on her forehead and down the sides of her face and chin. Her mother took her to her pediatrician who said Tamia would “grow out it.” She had tried over the counter products and nothing worked. It was a smart move on the part of the mother to find Antoinette and get the right treatment at such a young age. You can see before and after photos and listen to a great story. Amazing!

Watch an interview with Brandon and his mother, and how his life was changed after Antoinette treated his acne successfully. Hear about Brandon’s struggles to clear his acne, how his mother spent thousands of dollars at a laser institute instead of searching for an advanced treatment that worked. Nothing resolved his acne until he came to Antoinette’s clinic for treatment. Watch the video and hear from Brandon himself, and about the special products Antoinette uses to resolve a serious case of acne. The before and after photos of his skin are incredible.

Watch this video of an interview with Kat, a young woman who had ongoing struggles with acne, and had tried everything to try to resolve it. Her journey to clear skin and the incredible response to Antoinette’s acne treatments are truly amazing.

Watch a video with Jonathon’s mother who talks about her son’s struggles with severe acne, the various treatments they tried that didn’t work, and what happened to him once they came to Antoinette’s acne clinic. His mother says, “We hit the lotto!” You don’t want to miss this story.


Watch this video interview with Elena. After developing acne at age 12, countless visits to many different dermatologists proved unsuccessful. Her long journey towards acne resolution finally came to an end when she found James E. Fulton Jr. M.D., Ph.D and Antoinette, the Master Acne Specialist, and her life was changed forever.



45 years as a Skin and Acne Care Specialist!!

Are you tired of trying acne products and treatments without getting the results?

I’ve cleared many types of acne, dermatologists haven’t.
Helping your self-esteem and confidence.
From ages 8 to 84 – Acne is not just a teenage disease.

Just imagine

  • NO more frustration or depression
  • NO worries about acne scarring
  • NO more wasted time, energy and money on products and antibiotics that don’t work.

Treatment for Acne that Works

Have you tried everything, and nothing cured your acne? Read about Antoinette Klinakis, Master Acne Specialist.

There is nothing more damaging to your self-confidence than a severe case of acne. People with this condition, young or old, struggle every day with depression, feeling withdrawn and introverted and often have very low self-esteem. Many have almost given up hope after trying everything – doctors, dermatologists, medications, creams and diets, with little to no results. That’s when Antoinette should get involved. As a Master Acne Specialist, she can work with the most difficult cases of acne and get real results that last. She has cleared many types of acne that dermatologists could not resolve. Ready to find out more?

Getting to the Real Source of Acne: Eliminating Acne That the Doctors Couldn’t Cure

The most common treatments for acne completely fail to get to the source of the condition, whether antibiotics, medications such as Accutane®, Proactive® or treatments and creams. Antoinette has been tremendously successful in resolving severe acne problems – once and for all. After the acne is gone, life is once more full of hope and joy. You’ll no longer be faced with the terrible daily struggle that the appearance, pain and scarring of acne can bring. At her Live Acne Free Skin Clinic in California, she provides acne treatments and solutions to the local community acting as a consultant to acne sufferers across the nation.

Look at the before and after photos of her patients – the results she has achieved for severe acne are truly impressive, and she would like to help you too.

45 Years as an Acne and Skin Care Specialist

Antoinette was trained by James E. Fulton Jr., M.D., Ph.D, who discovered and patented Vitamin A Propionate. Under his tutelage, she gained insight into the processes that bring about a full resolution of acne, and an end to the frustration, depression, acne scars, and high costs involved in pricey products and medications that don’t work. Antoinette has cleared many types of acne that dermatologists around the country can’t resolve. With 45 years of experience as a skin and acne care specialist, Antoinette knows acne better than anyone.

I will solve all your Acne Concerns.
When it comes to Acne I KNOW IT BETTER THAN ANYONE… Guaranteed!



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